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the proper office

I have been using G Suite to run my office for years; I highly recommend them.
get yourself a proper office too

If you click on this link (or the ones below) it helps me pay the bills. Thank you!

I have been using Crane & Co. stationery for personal as well as business correspondence several years. I have gone through boxes of the stuff, in all the usual colors. They have even custom made matching paper into envelopes for me when the supply of paper I purchased exceeded my supply of matching envelopes.

Their consistency and superior products are good enough for me. The purpose of this post is to point out if one is persistent and searches for Crane & Co. on Amazon, it is quite difficult to locate anything other than 50 sheet, and 25 envelope boxes. Here are links to purchase 250 sheet reams & 100 envelope cartons respectively:

Hope this saves you some time.

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