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HFM Taskflows inaccessible to regular users

Access to HFM Taskflows is restricted to users provisioned for Consolidation Administration

tested through PSU

The README for Patch 17740222: Patch Set Update: for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management indicates Defect fixed in this patch (“17328388: The Consolidation Administration menu is not available for users with the Run Taskflows role.”) Testing to follow…

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Documentation for indicates on page 232

Run Taskflows – Permits users to only run and view taskflows. Users with this role cannot create new taskflows or edit existing taskflows

As implemented, the placement of the Taskflows interface within Consolidation Administration effectively blocks all but HFM administrators from viewing or managing Taskflows. Until the application design catches up with the documentation one would need to provide access to Taskflows via EPMA rather than HFM.


If you would like assistance with Taskflows in HFM please let me know as I can help you with your HFM-Planning automation processes.


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  • Andie 2014/02/04, 12:22:13

    How can taskflows that have been created in a DEV environment be migrated to a PROD enviroment? These do not come across with LCM, and there is not option from the Taskflows screen to export. Thanks much!

    • Jon H. Williams 2014/02/04, 17:53:09

      In an DEV environment, open HSS (Shared Services Console)

      • Expand Application Groups > Foundation > Shared Services
      • Navigate the Artifact List to your desired Process Definition and Taskflow ACL
      • Walk through the Export steps

      Open the file system location and copy the source LCM export to target (PROD)
      Here is where things get interesting. One way to finish the migration is edit the *.xml files manually.
      You are looking for items like this HFM:APPNAME_HFMQA.
      They will need to be updated. Be sure you get it right as an inaccurately edited file can pollute relational tables.

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