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select a wireless channel using WiFi Radar in Ubuntu 12.10

discover least utilized wireless channels

Does the wireless network cut out or have other issues during periods of peak utilization? For example, do access issues pop up on Saturday mornings, after school and in the evenings? It may help to check if more than one network is attempting to use the same wireless channel. Install WiFi Radar from the Ubuntu Software Centre. Scan for the least utilized wireless channel. Enjoy.


Begin by installing WiFi Radar in Ubuntu 12.10
sudo apt-get install wifi-radar
root is required for effective use
sudo wifi-radar
Determine if multiple wireless networks are configured to use the same channel.
Switch the wireless network to an unused channel.


A repeater bridge network provides seamless access to printers, copiers, servers and the usual variety of laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices that are connecting on the business and personal networks. During certain periods, difficulty in connecting has occurred. This may be two wireless networks competing on one wireless channel, creating conflicts. It is helpful for wireless networks visible to each other to use unique channels. This may reduce conflicts with nearby wireless networks.
For the development epm.jonhwilliams.com domain the best all-around router for DD-WRT was purchased from www.flashrouters.com. An existing Linksys Cisco E2500 was flashed with the same version of DD-WRT. The E4200 provides an all-N network in the nearly unused 5GHz spectrum, and an NG-Mixed network in the busy 2.4 GHz spectrum. Expect an article in the near future (Q1, 2013) detailing this configuration.

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Additional thanks for the post: help.
Read the manual at the WiFi Radar developers’ website.

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