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Adapter function [fConnect] failed (FDM)

adapter function fails in freshly-upgraded FDM application


Prerequisite: Fully functional Financial Consolidation application to which to connect.
Select Tools > Clear Error Log
Begin by selecting Metadata > Control Tables
Click Ok on any messages
Click in a cell under Target Year; If values are returned, the connection to an HFM application is active.
Otherwise select Tools > View Error Log
Use the output to identify the issue.
The number of active custom dimensions in the FDM Adapter must match the number of custom dimensions in the HFM application
Connect to Oracle Hyperion FDM Workbench
Expand the Dimensions of the Target System Adapter
Right-Click Custom1 and check Active
Repeat for Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
Set the System Code and Save


For a Release Financial Data Quality Management application, an error may occur like Unable to retrieve target System Data. The error log often facilitates identification of the connectivity issue. For example, “ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘fdmFM11xG5B.clsFMAdapter'” might indicate the System Code should be changed from FM11x-G5-B to FM11x-G6-A for HFM connectivity.
An error like Adapter function [fConnect] failed might indicate the number of dimensions Active in the adapter does not match the number of custom dimensions in the HFM application.
The OTN Community for FDM is well established and supportive of properly crafted requests:

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Additional thanks for the post: by Nicholas King.

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  • vijay 2013/11/11, 04:06:14

    When click export option in FDM, Getting error.
    For me also getting same error and followed your checks and all are good , but issues have not been resolved.
    Please find the below error message.
    Error: Adapter function [fConnect] failed.
    Detail: Stacktrace:
    upsWBlockProcessorDM.clsBlockProcessorClass.ActLoad(strLoc[String], strCat[String], strStartPer[String], strEndPer[String], strFile[String], objLoadParam[Object&], blnNoRaiseEvents[Boolean], lngMarshalType[Int32])
    Hyperion.FDM.Dialogs.TargetSystemLoadDialog.buttonOK_ServerClick(sender[Object], e[EventArgs])

    Could you please suggest

    • Jon H. Williams 2013/11/12, 06:50:36

      Is this a test environment?

    • santosh 2014/02/20, 23:39:14

      Hi John / Vijay,

      Were you able to fix this error. We too have this error now and connot proceed. You help is greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!


    • Jon H. Williams 2014/02/21, 06:35:43

      Vijay, is this a production application?
      Was it working before or are you trying to get it working for the first time?
      What is the version of FDM?
      What target application(s) (e.g., HFM, Essbase, …)
      Is there a source system type & version (ERPi?)
      Thank you,

      • Varun 2014/06/30, 04:49:21

        Hello John/Vijay,
        We too are facing the same error and this is a production environment.
        Previously this was working fine but now we are facing this challenge regularly..
        HFM & FDM version.

        When ever i am facing this error, i am re configuring the adapters (just provide username & password) and it was working fine but after some days it goes back…

        Thanks in advance..

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