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LCM imports from file system of FCM fail with “Multiple users”

LCM imports from file system of FCM

An import of templates fails when there are two ro more users with identical first and last names in Microsoft Active Directory. Error in migrating artifact, "/Templates/Quarter Close". Multiple users were found (on row 101, column name Approver1, column number DV). Artifacts should be imported in correct order and dependent artifacts or attributes should be available.


Prerequisite: Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System, Release, with FCM on Build Version
Begin by using LCM to export Application Groups > Financial Close > Financial Close Management from Hyperion Shared Services Console.
Import artifacts in the correct order.
If there are two users in a user directory that have the same first and last name, the LCM import will fail.


Typical steps in migrating between DEV, QA & PROD require the use of LCM. It would be unusual to expect the combination of first and last name to be unique for each employee listed in the user directories.
This is probably a bug.

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