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Essbase Client Patch should not be used

Do not patch EPM System servers with Essbase Client .104-106

tested PSU,~.105, ~.106
After installation of the Essbase Client via exe file p17608120_111220_MSWIN-x86-64.zip a number of source files will be over-written and corrupted. For example, epmsys_registry.bat, validate.bat, and ziplogs.bat will no longer work. The applications will still start from Windows Services.msc but will no longer communicate with each other nor with the Admin Server.


The general format I use in this publication is to provide steps to replicate the issue.

You should not replicate this issue.

If you insist on replicating the issue, install the client in a vanilla server, then back-track any mismatch between target files and the files installed by the Essbase Client using a nice diff utility. Here is one for Mac OS X.

description Essbase Client corruption Essbase Client exe corrupts EPM Systems: Do not install!

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