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Oracle Help Center and EPM

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation

The documentation for Oracle EPM Release is widely available from Oracle Help Center.

You may be familiar with Oracle Help Center as the new documentation portal. The old documentation portal is OTN technetwork.

The majority of this content summarizes notes from an Oracle presentation of what is new and what is coming.


Some of the good news is:

  • commitment to existing applications
  • innovation with new offerings
  • more cloud
  • more mobile – “Managing the close on the run”

This translates as:

  • FDMEE – complete parity with legacy FDM
  • FDMEE – data synch between EPM applications
    • DRM integrations
    • Sub-ledger transactions for ARM
    • HFM journal write-back
    • Import from any relational with simple UI mapping
    • SAP BW metadata load
    • Integration with FCM
  • Supplemental Data Manager (new product)
  • FM (HFM) reborn with some platform independence, pre-built dashboards, application creation wizards (a.k.a. Web Profile Editor), and stellar performance claims, especially in consolidation times
  • FM User Interface gets some love as formats and layouts are more controllable
    • Disable modules for an entire application
    • Security role fixes for Task and Data Audit
    • Audit log on metadata difference after load, a.k.a., metadata merge utility
    • UDAs are 256 characters
    • Support for on-demand rules
    • DCOM replaced with TCP communications
    • Web control of system settings
    • Multi-file select for load actions
  • Platform independent (with limitations, notably to Exalytics–long live Big Iron!)
  • Ongoing commitment to deployment simplicity
  • FCM:  a well-supported product receives continued investment
    • Close Manager
    • Account Reconciliation Manager
    • Supplemental Data Manager
    • TAX
  • …more to be discovered

Extended Support

Extending support for EPM 11.1.2.x releases is the sleeper announcement that deserves applause! Oracle extended Premier Support to April 2018 and Extended Support to April 2021.


With this terminal release of FDM migrationto FDMEE is required. The good news here is an additional license fee is not required.

external links

Naturally, the legendary John Goodwin has a nice delve into the installation and configuration already online.

EPM Documentation

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