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unable to assign access control in Shared Services for HFM

Unable to Assign Access Control in Shared Services for HFM

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System, Release or below
A right-click on an HFM application in Shared Services, throws an authentication error. The server is unable to process your request. Please have an administrator restart the Web server.
Click “OK”.
Click “Finish”.
Right click again on the HFM application in Shared Services. Assign Access Control seems to begin to work.
Logout, and back in, to Shared Services; The problem recurs.
This error indicates the EPM System was not properly shutdown during the last restart. The HsvDataSource.exe for the particular process and the CASSecurity hang and hold the memory. Manually clearing the HsvDatasource.exe process(es) and CASSecurity.exe process(es) will clear the holding memory which allow communication like “assign access control”.


Shutdown HFM completely on all servers, including the processes HsxService.exe, HsxServer.exe, and HsvDatasource.exe, then kill process(es) CASSecurity.exe.
Restart HFM.


The related error message will be like:

URI: http://servername.mycompany.com:port/hfm/security/securityAssignmentWizard.asp
Code: -2147023174
Description: An error occurred processing the result from the server.
Actor: Hyperion.HFMErrorHandler.1
Trace: Error Reference Number: {8CDD5ED5-C012-423B-843E-FAE0FB3F2403}
Num: 0x800706ba;Type: 0;DTime: 6/18/2013 7:18:18 PM;Svr: servername;File: CHITRegistryWrapper.cpp;Line: 1116;Ver:;
Num: 0x800706ba;Type: 0;DTime: 6/18/2013 7:18:18 PM;Svr: SERVERNAME;File: CHFMwHITRegistry.cpp;Line: 777;Ver:;

The environment is stable (Assign access control worked previously).
One can access all the HFM applications.
One can (re-)register the HFM applications.

Prevention: Modify the shutdown script to verify the processes HsxService.exe, HsxServer.exe, and HsvDatasource.exe end, and to verify CASSecurity.exe ends.

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